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So a Virtualized Windows just won't cut it?

This is an advanced tutorial, and should only be attempted at your own risk. If you need to use Windows on your System76 machine, it is recommended to Virtualize Windows instead.


This process can result in DATA LOSS. Your hard drive will need to be formatted in order to install Windows. Make sure to backup your Home Folder before proceeding.

Also, these instructions are fairly specific to System76 machines. The basics can be applied to any Ubuntu computer, but you almost certainly will need to modify them slightly to get them to work for you.

New System76 computers are shipped with storage devices using GPT partition tables. Windows can only be installed on a GPT drive in UEFI mode, but System76 computers currently do not use UEFI. You will need to reformat your storage drive using an MBR partition table to install Windows. You can then reinstall Ubuntu (Windows can automatically erase a drive and reformat it with an MBR table).

Create an Ubuntu Installation Disk

Before you begin, you will need to create a disk to install Ubuntu from. Download Ubuntu from here. Then:

Install Windows

Insert your Windows installation disk. When prompted, press a key to boot from the DVD.

Windows dual Boot 06.png

The CD will then boot up and present you with this installation window:

Windows Dual Install 09.png

Continue with this installation as instructed on screen. You will need to erase the drive and create a new partition to install Windows. Use the entire drive for this.

Make sure that the new partition is selected. then click Next.

Windows Dual Next 12.png

Now, complete the installation following the instructions on the screen.

Reinstall Ubuntu

You now need to reinstall Ubuntu. Insert the Ubuntu installation disk from above into your USB port or optical drive. Turn the computer on, then immediately hold F7 (for laptops) or F10 (for desktops) to enter the boot menu. Choose the drive with Ubuntu (The USB drive or the optical drive)

Follow the on-screen instructions to install Ubuntu. When asked where to install it, choose to install Ubuntu alongside Windows, and resize the partitions as you need.

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