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The sleek, black Serval Professional is not only the world's most powerful Ubuntu laptop, but also the world's most powerful 15.6" laptop, featuring Intel Core i7 CPU's, 1 GB dedicated nVidia graphics, 1333 MHz DDR3 memory, and optional high performance Intel Solid State storage. The Serval Pro's high-resolution Glossy finish LCD brings your work and play to life with brilliant color and clarity.

This article includes technical information for the Serval Professional (model SerP6). This model was discontinued in January 2011, and was replaced by the models SerP7 and GazP6.

Welcome Manual

Serval Professional 6 Welcome Manual

System76 Driver

Capabilities Added by System76 Driver
Ubuntu Version SerP6
9.10 Restore, Camera, Fingerprint Reader, Brightness Keys
10.04 LTS Restore, Camera, Fingerprint Reader, Brightness Keys
10.10 Restore, Suspend
11.04 Restore
11.10 Restore
12.04 LTS Restore, Fingerprint Reader
12.10 Restore, Fingerprint Reader

Touchpad Configuration

The Serval Professional includes a Sentelic Multitouch Touchpad. Ubuntu 10.04 does not include a configuration utility for this touchpad. Scrolling, tap to click, and touchpad On/Off all work with a configuration utility. If you prefer more fine grained control, the following directions describe how to install Sentelic's configuration utility. Multitouch capabilities are not expected to work until a later Ubuntu release.

Download the Sentelic Configuration Utility

File:Fspc 1.0.1 i386.deb

File:Fspc 1.0.1 amd64.deb

Double click the downloaded file to install.

Configure Sentelic to Store Settings After a Reboot

Open a terminal from Applications > Accessories > Terminal. Copy and paste the following commands.

mkdir ~/.fspc
cd ~/.fspc
gedit fspc.ini &

Paste the following lines into the file. The settings in file will be loaded each time you start your laptop. 0 = Off and 1 = On. For Acceleration choose a value between 1 and 10.


Copy and paste the following line into your terminal.

gksudo gedit /usr/bin/start-touchpad &

Paste the following lines into the file then save and close.

#! /bin/bash
sudo fspc -t -l ~/.fspc/fspc.ini

Copy and paste the following line into your terminal.

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/start-touchpad
sudo visudo

Paste the following line to the bottom of the file and CHANGE [username] to your username. Then save and close.

[username] ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/fspc

Go to System > Preferences >Startup Applications). Add a new program with the following settings.
NAME: Sentelic Configuration
COMMAND: start-touchpad
COMMENTARY: Loads touchpad configuration on boot

Add a Menu Entry for the Sentelic Configuration GUI

The GUI can be used for temporarily adjusting the touchpad settings. These settings revert to the settings in the above mentioned file upon reboot.

Go to System > Preferences > Main Menu
On the left side click Preferences (Under the "System" heading)
Click the "New Item" button and use the following settings

Type: Application
Name: Sentelic Touchpad Configuration
Command: gksu fspc
Comment: GUI to configure Sentelic touchpads

Windows Drivers

System76 computers include all of the drivers required for Ubuntu Linux. Windows drivers are available for customers requiring dual boot or virtualization. System76 does not provide support for Microsoft Windows.

Add MS Windows to Your System76 Machine

System76 provides 64-bit Windows 7 drivers only. For 32-bit or Vista drivers, please contact a support technician.

Microsoft Windows Drivers
Windows 7 64-bit
Card Reader
Fingerprint Reader
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