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Introducing the new System76 Lemur UltraThin. Redesigned with a new, ultra-low-wattage Intel Core i3 Processor, it consumes less power and provides extreme multi-tasking performance due to added hyperthreading ability. Combined with our tried and trusted slim and light form-factor, the new Lemur is a great choice for taking all your work, media, and web with you everywhere.

This article includes technical information for the Lemur UltraThin (model LemU2). This model was discontinued in September of 2011. It was replaced with the Lemur Ultra model LemU3.

Welcome Manual

Lemur UltraThin 2 Welcome Manual

System76 Driver

Capabilities Added by System76 Driver
Ubuntu Version LemU2
10.04 LTS Restore, Webcam
10.10 Restore
11.04 Restore
11.10 Restore
12.04 LTS Restore
12.10 Restore

Windows Drivers

System76 computers include all of the drivers required for Ubuntu Linux. Windows drivers are available for customers requiring dual boot or virtualization. System76 does not provide support for Microsoft Windows.

Add MS Windows to Your Machine

System76 only supplies drivers for 64-bit versions of Windows 7. For 32-bit or Vista drivers, please contact a support technician.

Microsoft Windows Drivers
Windows 7 64-bit
Intel Wireless
Default Wireless
Card Reader
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