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The System76 Darter Ultra features the latest mobile technology packed into a ultra portable 12.1" widescreen laptop. Pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux, the Darter Ultra frees you from costly proprietary software while enabling maximum on-the-go productivity.

This article includes technical information for the Darter Ultra (model daru3). For information about features, available options, and pricing visit system76.com here.

Welcome Manual

Darter Ultra 3 Welcome Manual

System76 Driver

Capabilities Added by System76 Driver
Ubuntu Version DarU3
8.04 LTS Restore, Camera, Fingerprint Reader, Internal Mic
8.10 Restore, Camera, Fingerprint Reader, Surround Sound
9.04 Restore, Fingerprint Reader
9.10 Restore, Fingerprint Reader
10.04 LTS Restore, Fingerprint Reader
10.10 Restore
11.04 Restore
11.10 Restore, Brightness Up/Down Keys
12.04 LTS Restore, Fingerprint Reader, Brightness Keys
12.10 Restore, Fingerprint Reader, Brightness Keys


Current Release Version 1.02.22
Download ISO Image


  1. Download the above file to your Desktop
  2. Burn the .iso image to a CD
  3. Make sure the computer is running on AC power
  4. Boot from the CD to flash the BIOS
  5. After the BIOS is flashed, press any key to reboot
  6. Press F2 to enter the BIOS
  7. From the 'Exit' tab choose 'Load Setup Defaults' and 'Exit Saving Changes'

Initial Release Version 1.00.11S

Windows Drivers

System76 computers include all of the drivers required for Ubuntu Linux. Windows drivers are available for customers requiring dual boot or virtualization. System76 does not provide support for Microsoft Windows.

Add MS Windows to Your System76 Machine

Microsoft Windows Drivers
Windows XP Windows Vista 32bit Windows Vista 64bit Windows 7 64-bit
Audio Audio Audio Audio
Video Video Video Video
Card Reader Card Reader Card Reader Card Reader
Touchpad Touchpad Touchpad Touchpad
Chipset Chipset Chipset Chipset
Modem Modem Modem Modem
Wireless Wireless Wireless Wireless
Webcam Webcam Webcam Webcam
Fingerprint Reader Fingerprint Reader Fingerprint Reader Fingerprint Reader
Hot Keys Hot Keys Hot Keys Hot Keys
Not Supported Intel Robson Intel Robson Intel Robson
Not Supported AHCI AHCI Not Supported
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