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Perfect for multimedia, gaming, and other intense computational tasks, the all new Bonobo Professional features a sleek, redesigned chassis, 2nd-generation Intel Core i7 processors, highly expanded RAM options, and available Nvidia GeForce GTX 485M GPU for extreme performance. Add to that space for up to three hard drives to hold all your music, movies, and more. Finally, seal the deal with a brilliant 1080p 17.3 inch display and THX TruStudio PRO audio for a system that can store all of your multimedia, then reproduce it perfectly every time.

This article includes technical information for the Bonobo Professional (model BonP5). For information about features, available options, and pricing visit here.

Welcome Manual

Bonobo Professional 5 Welcome Manual

System76 Driver

Capabilities Added by System76 Driver
Ubuntu Version BonP5
11.04 Restore, Suspend & Resume, Ethernet stability, Mute internal speakers with headphones.
11.10 Restore
12.04 LTS Restore, Fingerprint Reader
12.10 Restore, Fingerprint Reader

Second Hard Drive Installation/Removal

1. Turn the computer off, remove the AC adapter, turn it over and remove the battery. 2. Remove the optical drive or Hard Drive Caddy in the optical bay by removing the screw on the back of the drive. 3. When the optical drive/caddy case is removed, the secondary hard drive bay will be visible. 4. Remove screws 1-3 from the hard drive bracket.


5. Slide the hard drive bracket in the direction of arrow 4 (it will not move fully out of the bay). 6. Life the bracket 5 up out of the bay (in the reverse direction to arrow 4).


7. Attach a new drive with mounting screws at points 6-9 to attach it to the bracket 10.


8. Slide the hard drive assembly into the bay at an angle as shown. 9. Make sure the bracket slides under the hard drive bay guide at point 11. 10. Slide the assembly in the direction of arrow 12. Be firm, but gentle, as good contact between the drive and SATA connector is critical. 11. Secure the bracket with the screws from step 4.


Windows Drivers

System76 computers include all of the drivers required for Ubuntu Linux. Windows drivers are available for customers requiring dual boot or virtualization. System76 does not provide support for Microsoft Windows.

Add MS Windows to Your System76 Machine

We provide drivers for 64-bit Editions of Windows 7 only. For 32-bit Drivers, please contact us via email at We do not provide Vista drivers.

Microsoft Windows Drivers
Windows 7 64-bit
GTX560M Graphics
GTX485M-GTX580M Graphics
Card Reader
USB 3.0
Default Wireless
Intel Wireless
Fingerprint Reader
THX TruStudioPRO Configuration
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