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Advocating Open Source

Local community (LoCo) teams work together to advocate and promote Ubuntu. Through the 76er program, System76 aims to help LoCo's promote events with free professionally printed flyers and 'Powered by Ubuntu' stickers. The 76er program is only available to US LoCo teams at this time.

You can also help promote System76 Ubuntu pre-installed laptops and desktops on your website or blog: System76 Banners and Logos

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To learn more about starting or joining an Ubuntu LoCo team in your area visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams

Becoming a 76er

  1. If you haven't already, create an account on system76.com: Click Here to Create Account
  2. Email: 76er@system76.com with details about your group. Who you are and where you are.
  3. Once your account is approved you can:
    1. Visit this link to request free 'Powered by Ubuntu' stickers
    2. Create your own flyer and email it to 76er@system76.com - Once received we will create your order at system76.com, print, and ship your free flyers. Also include your requested flyer quantity in the email.

Please note - due to a large number of inquiries when System76 first introduced the 76er program we were unable to respond to everyone. If we missed you please contact us again.

76er Materials

You can now create your own custom event flyers. Download and modify one of the below examples or create your own. Upload your custom flyers here for others to use.

Flyer Image Size Must Be: Width: 1275 pixels | Height: 825 pixels (1/2 US Letter Size)


Standard 76er Template

Standard 76er Flyer in GIMP Format

Standard 76er Flyer in Photoshop Format

Standard 76er Flyer in Easy to Fill Out Open Office Draw Format

Louisiana Local Community Team

Louisiana LoCo Team Template

Louisiana LoCo Flyer in GIMP Format

Louisiana LoCo Flyer in Photoshop Format

Colorado 2008 Hardy Flyers

2008 Hardy Release Template

2008 Hardy Release Template #1 in GIMP Format

New York State Advocacy Flyer

NY State Team Template

2009 Student Advocacy Event in GIMP Format
2009 Student Advocacy Event in Photoshop Format
2009 Student Advocacy Event in Corel Photopaint Format

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